Should I buy a new or used car: A Malaysian perspective

Here in Malaysia, we have 65% excise tax on cars. If you pay RM 500 a month for your car, about RM 200 of it goes straight to the government. Not to Proton not to Perodua or Toyota. Some say that does no apply to local manufacturer, but I've yet to find concrete evidence that they are exempted from it. I'm 26 years old that have no car. Its not that I can't afford them, I just really hate loan. But its way past due that I take the bullet and accept this constantly depreciating item in my life. Read more [...]
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The case of a Key-Value pattern.

I'm quite conservative about how my application store its data. I prefer SQL over NoSQL. I prefer it's security of the dynamic of NoSQL, which you would eventually probably use an ORM which have schema anyway. Relational databases have been used for decades, so it must work right? And really, most of us will probably never going to need the performance of a NoSQL database. That said, there are good uses for things like Redis, or other form of Key-Value store, notably for simple stuff like configurations. Read more [...]

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Mahadhir is Harapan’s Prime Minister

Less than 8 hours ago, the opposition coalition here in Malaysia just announced that Tun M is their candidate for their prime minister. And that my friend, is the very reason why BN is still in power, and probably will continue so. Its not about Tun M becoming the candidate, no, its the very fact that the opposition for some weird reason came to that conclusion.

Tun M, their old arch enemy is apparently their president. The prime minister who exceeded his maximum term during his time, is now Read more [...]

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Jobless and graduating

So I finally quit. It was an okay quit, I guess. A but abrupt, yes, I admit. But it had to be done. And right now, I'm jobless and I probably got enough money to survive until the end of next month.

The thing is, it turns out, finding a job is hard work. Finding a suitable job, that it. I tried ServiceRocket, did not even get an interview. I registered to a hiring firm, got an interview to a small local company. Did not pass. Apparently I'm "not ready yet technically". "not ready yet", I would Read more [...]

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28th September 2016

I'm bored. I wanna quit my job and work on something else.

The guy at one of the talk I've been said to the audience, "What do you wanna do?"

I honestly have no idea. Today I got an email to an invitation to Asia's Rice Bowl awards. As an audience, not a participant. I don't know how did I get the invitation. Zu did not get it. Abi Dzar did not get it. I know I won't go there. I got nothing to show for it. If there is anything I learn from Superb and Symbiosis, among these guys, I'm no one.

Heck, Read more [...]

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List of Quirks when using Spring Framework and Kotlin

I'm not used to the JVM environment. Usually I use NodeJS, Ruby with Rails or PHP with Laravel. But after awhile, I find these dynamic programming environment quite problematic, especially on a large project. Rails is simply too magical, it is dark magic. Sure, it have a nice syntax, but debugging them is quite a hell and no type safety means you really need to unit test your software. PHP and Laravel is not that bad actually, but when the things that makes it nice came from statically typed language, Read more [...]

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Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter/Maker : End of life announcement

The Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter/Semi-Automatic IIUM Schedule Maker is probably the most used application that I've ever made. That is impressive or disappointing depending on how you look at it. For some reason (probably because there is a problem to be fixed and hence, a demand) quite a lot of people use it. However, because I'm no longer studying in IIUM, I'm no longer one of the people who use it. And because of that, there is effectively no reason for me to support it anymore. Therefore, Read more [...]

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Thru Earth Position

Assalamualaikum everyone,People in US usually said that "China is halfway around the world", which means that, (given that the earth is round) if you want to point where where is China, you would point it straight underground. I wonder, what about other part of the world? Do North pole also go down? How far down? So I made an app for it called "Thru Earth Position".Why "Thru Earth Position"? The answer is mainly because I can't figure out a better name. It was originally an augmented reality experiment Read more [...]

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What’s special about IIUM?

This article was never finished. I publish it in relation to this article, because it shows the environment of IIUM. Some part of this post was cut and some part was added to better reflect the changes.Assalamualaikum everyone. One of the most read article from this blog is the Past, Present and Future of IIUM. In that article which is actually an assignment for one of my class, I wrote about what I think about IIUM. Two years has passed and I've just ended my final studying semester from IIUM. Read more [...]

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Review of IIUM

Assalamualaikum everyone,It has been about 3 month since I left IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia). Technically, I'm still a student because I have not graduated yet, but my time in IIUM is practically over. So I figure I want to make a review of IIUM as a follow up to a popular article in this blog which is The Past, Present and Future of IIUM .I've tried to make this article a few time actually, starting before Ramadhan. But, I never got to finish it. I went so much into details, Read more [...]

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