How to make a quick and dirty custom Ubuntu-based ISO

Assalamualaikum guys, Last year, for the first IIUM Code Jam, I made a custom made Ubuntu-based linux ISO so that all team are using the same/similar environment. For this year, the contest will be using a different contest system, so I need to change it a bit. I only have one problem, I forgot how to.So I made this post to remind myself when I forgot about it in the future, or other people, on how to make a quick and dirty custom ubuntu live ISO. The key here is 'quick and dirty'. That means, I'm Read more [...]
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ACM ICPC Singapore Regional 2015

Assalamualaikum everyone. So, last week, me together with IIUM ICPC Regional Team went to Singapore to participate in the ACM ICPC Singapore Regional competition. In light of that, we were thinking of making a blog post as a documentation for the event. The strategy for making the blog post is that, each member will author their own point of view and we'll combine them later. So this is my point of view. By the way, mine is more like a series of pictures rather than a long article. So expect some Read more [...]
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Paris Attack, november 2015

Assalamualaikum everyone. How are you. Just now, my Facebook friends shared news about what happen in Paris. Another attack happened. Ah great (sarcastically)... Another attack... That is among my first sigh. Of course, I googled to make sure that the news is true. Unfortunately it is. Here comes the headache. Some may not realize this, but every time such attack happen, Muslim will be a victim. Hundreds of non-muslim died in Paris. But because of this, when thousands of Muslim dies, deep inside Read more [...]
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PROMED 2012 Questions and Answer

Assalamualaikum everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I got a copy of PROMED 2012 questions and dataset. I'm not exactly sure what is PROMED, but it seems that it is like ACM ICPC national level, but not the official national level for Malaysia. Anyway, I got hold of it, and after some time, I manage to answer them all. Generally, I would put this kind of problem analysis in . However, considering that this have almost nothing to do with IIUM, I don't think it is proper for me to Read more [...]
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IIUM Schedule V7

Assalamualaikum everyone. Something amazing happened in the past few days. I actually have some spare time. And in those spare time, I've manage to update the IIUM Schedule suite of tools with some fixes. For Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter, the changes are mostly internal and therefore the changes are not so visible. Actually I made the changes several month ago, but for most people, nothing changed. The SemiAutomatic IIUM Schedule Maker one the other hand, have one fix and its an important Read more [...]
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Fedora 21

Problems with it:I don't understand a thing about its manual partitioning.This is the main thing why I did not install fedora in the first place. I don't know how. It does not have a decent GUI package manager. No, the gnome software one will not do. I'm talking about synaptic or aptitude or at least like yast. I want to be able to easily see which package is available, not just software.Tips: 'yum search' do what you expect it to do.The gnome software hangs. If it hang but give progress, I'll be Read more [...]
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Rails-Devise-Warden Token Authentication + Android’s Volley

Hi, recently I'm trying to make an android app that uses a rails server. I used to code REST server before, but that is for javascript apps. Not android. And now that I'm trying to do so, I found a problem. Whenever the devise authenticate_user! failed and it throw 401 to the android app, Volley complain that some form of challenge key is missing. It work fine with a browser and it responded with an error in json form. This is the normal Devise behavior, which seems to also have support for api server. Read more [...]
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Opensuse 13.2

Problem with it.When installing, the expert partitioner is not very friendly. It by default already have various suggesting setting in which I don't know how to change them, like remove the extended partition and make it primary again. Tips: There is a reset button.VLC says, it can't decode h264. Its VLC and it actually can't do that if you install from official repository.The Yast2 package manager is not very intuitive.It is not obvious that Opensuse 13.2 version of packman repository exist. (13.2 Read more [...]
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Introducing, String2Regex

Assalamualaikum everyone. In this post, I'll show you a (relatively) new project which I've created in about a week or two. It seems to be useful for greater good and so I've released the code under the MIT license. The code is available here. String2regex is basically a clone of but run entirely on client side and not as full featured. The concept is, given a sample string, generate a regular expression to match that string based on user's selection of string groups. If you don't know Read more [...]
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What to complain about linux’s desktop environment.

Ubuntu's Unity:I don't like the virtual desktop.When you click an icon of an application that opened in another virtual desktop, it switches to the virtual desktop.I want it to open in current virtual desktop. So I have to use middle mouse button.The virtual desktop does not show much separation.I can't really change much.It keeps taking something from Gnome, which in the end, prevent me from installing full gnome environment.Cinnamon:It just feels unpolished.For some reason it starts slowly compared Read more [...]
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