Article Linux

What to complain about linux’s desktop environment.

Ubuntu’s Unity:

  • I don’t like the virtual desktop.
  • When you click an icon of an application that opened in another virtual desktop, it switches to the virtual desktop.
  • I want it to open in current virtual desktop. So I have to use middle mouse button.
  • The virtual desktop does not show much separation.
  • I can’t really change much.
  • It keeps taking something from Gnome, which in the end, prevent me from installing full gnome environment.


  • It just feels unpolished.
  • For some reason it starts slowly compared to other DE.


  • I’m not sure if it is really bloated or just feels bloated.
  • Gradients and transparency everywhere.
  • Excellent¬†add-on downloader, but no decent opaque theme.
  • When you click to open something, you just feel than annoying 300ms delay.
  • Feels advanced, but unpolished. The margin and padding is weird. Its like a prototype. You think that I’ll be awesome, but it keep staying as a prototype.
  • Gtk applications sometime does not work very well.¬†


  • Lack of taskbar and ability to minimize.
  • Sure, it have some nifty drag and drop trick, but sometime we just want an application to hide from every virtual desktop.
  • I’m using two monitor. To switch application I have to drag my mouse to the top left of a screen. So if I’m on my right monitor, its a long way there.
  • For some reason it does not save the monitor offset vertical offset correctly.
  • Virtual desktop only work for the main monitor.
  • Right now I can’t enable any extension.