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Why I apply for this scholarship.

This is one of those essay where I write and suddenly I just spew everything out from my finger. Be careful, this articles maybe too frank.Details of extra-curricular activities. And reason for applying.Assalamulaikum, and hello. My name is Muhd Amirul Ashraf and … Continue reading

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Does it matter?

Assalamualaikum everybody. How are you guys? Today, I’m going to write about Sabah. As we all know, three week ago about 200 hundred Philippine who are members of Sultan Sulu’s army has landed on lahad datu in claiming that Sabah is … Continue reading

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I declare thee V6! Now with support for Main Campus User

Assalamualaikum, and hello to everyone. Today marks a new version for the Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter, now version 6.Among new feature include:Support for main campus user. So now it work on both CFS’s CRS and also IIUM Main Campus’s Confirmation … Continue reading

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