Jobless and graduating

So I finally quit. It was an okay quit, I guess. A but abrupt, yes, I admit. But it had to be done. And right now, I’m jobless and I probably got enough money to survive until the end of next month.

The thing is, it turns out, finding a job is hard work. Finding a suitable job, that it. I tried ServiceRocket, did not even get an interview. I registered to a hiring firm, got an interview to a small local company. Did not pass. Apparently I’m “not ready yet technically”. “not ready yet”, I would agree, “technically”… I’m not exactly sure. But I couldn’t say that is wrong either. I don’t really have much to say on things that matter.

If I learn anything on my strange internship, its that technology does not matter. What matter is what effect do the technology bring to the table… the meeting table… with the client in front of you. Sadly my previous job do not offer much in that sense. Something that I’m paying right now.

But hey, I got to start somewhere right? Which is also not that easy for me. In my CV I have nearly 4 years of experience. But without much impact, those experience are poor experience. Starting somewhere, would mean entry level, and how am I going to get an entry level job with 4 years in my resume? The interviewer would be like “Are you hiding something?”, which I kinda am. Those are remote jobs, they are not very…. impactful.

Anyway, after that interview I tuned up my resume as high as I can. It feels a lot more impressive now. Anytime I feel down, I look at it, and it makes me feels a tiny bit better. I gone through my backup from the year 2014 and see what I did with Put everything that I think ‘impactful’ in my CV. It feels a bit too ‘low-level’, but I don’t have much ‘high-level’ thing to be proud about. Hopefully that is enough. I sent it to several bigger companies today. But today is Saturday, they’ll probably process those on Monday, which brings me to the next agenda… Convocation.

Ahhhh great. I’m going to meet old friends and when they ask what am I up to right now, I’m going to have to say “Unemployed”. And then they’ll say “Seriously?” And them I’m going to say “Yup!”. And then a series of uncomfortable conversation. My Convocation is this Monday by the way. Which also brings other complications to my resume. I hate this. Its like my birthday and my friends wedding. It only reminds me of what I did not do, and its too late to do it.

As the job hunting continues, I have several leads right now. The resumes I sent to those companies, may take more than one week to process. Abidzar said that he have some friends that want to make a new team, a not-web-development team, and I could join it if I could hold on until next month or so. And he sent my resume for a contract job with Petronas, and another C++ job, I dont really know where. I got an interview from a recruiter for a job in Japan. Its a bit too far, but if I did not take this up, I’ll regret myself. There was another recruiter from Singapore. I turn that one down before, because I don’t want a job outside KL, well at that time at least. I turn down many recruiters before. Man, they can be quite handy now.

Anyway, wish me luck for my convocation.