Time is a scary thing

When I was at school, our teachers always says to make use of the time you have. A few years later, I really realize what that means, and more importantly, why did the teacher said so. Everyone knows that you can’t turn back time, and you can’t undo things, thats obvious. Whats not obvious is that the school teachers said so, because they made some choices in the past that they wish to undo. They want to go back to being a student, but they can’t. Everyone, as they grow older, they find themselves thinking the same thing.

I used to think that the really scary thing about time is not that you can’t go back in time. It’s that you can’t slow it down or speed it up. It runs at exactly the same rate all the time. When you are having a bad time, you can’t speed it up. When you are having a good time, you can’t slow it down. Its a myth that time slows down as you get older. No, it feels like it slows down when you think about the past. It feels faster as you get older because you remember less. You remember less partly because your brain slows down, partly because things are no longer interesting, because you’ve seen such and such before, so your mind ignore it. But at the moment, when you are not trying to recall the past, in the moment, time moves at exactly the same rate as it has always been.

That said, its inevitable that people will accumulate bad experience and memories that they wish never happen. Its never about time, its about choices and implications.