Mahadhir is Harapan’s Prime Minister

Less than 8 hours ago, the opposition coalition here in Malaysia just announced that Tun M is their candidate for their prime minister. And that my friend, is the very reason why BN is still in power, and probably will continue so. Its not about Tun M becoming the candidate, no, its the very fact that the opposition for some weird reason came to that conclusion.

Tun M, their old arch enemy is apparently their president. The prime minister who exceeded his maximum term during his time, is now apparently should get another term? At the age of 93.. something? I’m not saying that he can’t do it, I’m saying that the opposition is very, very disappointing for even considering it.

I have no doubt that Tun M have huge influence and follower. I have no doubt that he is capable of doing so too. He leaving BN is a huge blow to BN. Arguably, he is the single most influential political figure in Malaysia right now. My mother cried when Tun M resigned, which he did live on television, probably so that he can’t back out, and its too late for people to object. Yes, people asked him to take back his resignation, on the spot, live. This is with him having roughly 20 year of being a Prime Minister, which is twice of what is allowed. I kid you not, this is the kind of person Tun M is. That is why Tun M is a huge deal. But as a Prime Minister, again? No. Its not right. Its not proper. The new PM for the new term should be a new guy. Its not about what he can do, its about what the opposition can’t do. Don’t they have anyone, anyone at all to be the candidate? Can you entrust the future of the country to such people, who seems to only and ONLY want to win the election, above all else?

And when you think about it, not much. The opposition does not have a candidate that truly stands out. I disliked PAS for breaking their pact with PKR and DAP. But I’m glad they did. Because if they do, they will have to deal with this kind of political BU!!$#!T.

That said, not everyone, probably not most people, will share my opinion. Having Tun M as a candidate will gain support from the rural area, which traditionally is BN’s stronghold, not to mention, he IS BN’s kryptonite. These people are generally of the elderly category which will probably see this as a positive thing. The younger generations however may share my opinion, but may also condone such ridiculousness in exchange for BN’s dismissal. It make some sense.

BN for all its corruption, at least have some professionalism or rather… authenticity.. or rather… I can’t find the term to describe them. They are bad, but at least they are properly clever. They are the ‘stable’ choice. The status quo. That said, I’m trying my best to find someone else to vote against them. And my option is shrinking. Lets just hope PAS will not do anything stupid before the election.

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