Status Update 2 May

Assalamualaikum everyone! How are you.

So, yea I’m board and thinking about status update. What to tell other than about the coming election… I did not update any of my project. The parser project is progressing well… bla… bla…

Allright, election. This year election is the most intense election Malaysia had ever been. That is because the Opposition is really strong this time, and in my point of view, I would be surprised of the government did not change this time. Of course, in this coming election there is a lot of political talks and news. Most of them pretty much is negative about the other party. Now, I’m going to assume that you guys are not from Malaysia, allthough most likely there arent any “you guys” accept for a few which I just knew one… a very scary stalker-like-different-gender one. So anyway, lets meet out contestant.

On the defensive side, we have Barisan National (BN). This is the current ruling party back from Malaysia’s independence. Allegedly corrupt, had been known by everyone who actually looked outside of the television to highly abuse their power on every mainstream media, except for a few like . The link to harakah daily may be unavailable as they may be under DDOS attack by ‘unknown’ forces. I have confirmed that the website is down yesterday, or yesterday’s yesterday. Anyway, basically if you watch news on television, I can assure you, most of it is their propaganda. They are the ruling party so basically they kinda ‘own’ the country. Even here in IIUM, there have been some report on vehicle with opposition flag is not allowed to enter but there are vehicle with BN’s flag parking in front of the rectory. Another thing in IIUM is, the pro Opposition club, ‘WUFI’ (tell me if I’m wrong) is officially unofficial, and banned. While there is a pro BN club, ‘Aspirasi’. I could say more, but that would just be unfair. BN has a lot of history in Malaysia. They are the party that ask for independence from British. And one of the prime minister is Mahathir Mohamad (yes, he is in the party and still is). There are three main organization in BN, UMNO (united malay national organization), MCA (Malaysian Chinese Agency (I’m not sure about the ‘A’ letter) ) and also MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) . So yea, they are basically racial based. BN is lead by UMNO which is lead by Najib bin Tun Razak, the current prime minister and the son of the second prime minister.

On the opposition side, we have Pakatan Rakyat (PR). Pakatan Rakyat gain strong momentum when Anwar Ibrahim, a very controversial icon had been allowed to enter politics again. Anwar Ibrahim is the leader of  PR. PR main media is social network and organizing talks. PR is composed of three main organization Democratic Alliance Party (DAP), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and also Parti Islam Semalaya (PAS). Allthough their name does not show any racial bias, in practice DAP is a non-malay majority party and PKR and PAS are malay majority party. So yea, malay has been split into two. PAS is basically the main Islamic party and PKR is the less islamic Malay party. PR in short is very controversial.  UMNO we already know to be corrupt and abuse their power. The question is, what about PR. Lets have a look one by one.

DAP is a chinese majority party. They are the one who is involved in the 1969 racial riot in Malaysia in which about 168 reported killed, foreign media say the number reach 2000. So you can say the current perception is that DAP does not like Malay, especially PAS. PAS aims to implement hudud (Islamic Sharia Law) in Malaysia, but DAP does not like that. Karpal Singh (DAP leader) even once said “over my dead body”, although he does have history of having an uncensored mouth on various event. Anyway, DAP is actually the biggest party in PR. The malay have majority by combining PKR and PAS. DAP stronghold has been in Pulau Pinang. BN had always attack DAP by saying that DAP only focus on the chinese majority part of urban Pulau Pinang and neglecting Seberang Perai, the rural part. As a side note, Kedah which basically surround Pulau Pinang is currently own by PAS. BN also attack DAP by saying then when people vote for DAP, they vote for PAS which who want to implement hudud, at the same time BN say that a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP who is a christian saint.

PAS is Parti Islam Semalaya, basically the Islamic party in Malaysia. They aim to provide complete Islamic Sharia Law in Malaysia. Their stronghold is in Kelantan. PAS is the first party to ever defeat BN at state level in peninsular Malaysia. Their spiritual (as in the actual) leader is Nik Aziz, while the party’s president (as in the official leader) is Hadi Awang. PAS is another controversional party. The party basically break into two when Nik Aziz say it is OK for the christian to use the term ‘Allah’ in Malay version of the bible after been urged by DAP. PKR also allow it which basically means PR allow that. Ironically, UMNO had always been against it since the beginning. PAS has a lot of negative sentiment. Some of PAS members are member of Shia ( which is officially deviated in Malaysia) and Al-Arqam (another deviated teaching). PAS member tend to be… extreme. Or is that PKR? I’m not sure exactly. Kelantan is ‘officially’ the poorest state in Malaysia, with the ‘highest’ rate of HIV. Of course, these are reported by mainstream media which is controlled by you-know-who.

PKR on the other hand is formed by Anwar Ibrahim’s wife. Have I told you before that Anwar Ibrahim is a very controversial character? Back when I was a child, I remember that he is a big criminal. Probably because I watch TV. So, lets put this in perspective, Anwar Ibrahim was a member of UMNO. Yes he was. He used to be the Deputy Prime Minister. Yes he was. He worked under Mahathir Mohamed and was said to be the step son of Mahathir Mohamed. Yes, up to that extends. Then 1998 Mahathir sack him from his post, and he was arrested under allegation of sodomy and corruption. Yep, he was there. Of course, he said that he was framed, because he did not agree with Mahathir to use public fund to save Mahathir’s children business. Anyway, his wife formed PKR to gain support, he was release after six year because the sodomize case was dropped. Be he have to wait for several year before he can legally go back to politics. Anyway, now that he is back, things are getting really intense.

So my point of view, BN is corrupt. Everyone who did not watch TV news knows that. I remember back at IIUM’s orientation week, some minister came to officially give 1 Malaysia Book Voucher to us, but in reality he is just talking about how great the government is. And then at the end of the orientation week, there is another briefing supposedly about a program where every Malaysian graduate should enter, in which the briefer again, basically talk about how nice the government is, but the big thing is, he showed a video linking PR’s party with the riot on Arab Spring. He actually show PR’s party logo, which clearly show that he is preaching for political agenda. I don’t really care if they want to praise the government, but don’t think of us like stupid student. There are various things that the government gave right before the election, for example the voucher for smart phone (which just pathetically show that they are desperate) and BR1M in which they basically give money to those who are living on below average salary. There are also many other stuff that is questionable, for example the MRT’s budget and also Scorpion submarine price.

On the other hand, PR’s manifesto is… unrealistic. They want to give free high education, with student allowance while at the same time eliminate tolls tax, eliminate vehicle tax and increase subsidy  So how are they going to get the money to afford such stuff? Management? Better management without corruption? That is their only way of making things affordable. Which is not very assuring. I’m quite sure that when PR gain power, there will still be corruption from every party. The thing is, how much? And what are the parties action toward corruption. Then there again, there is the racial sentiment that had always been provoked by BN. Just look at their poster, I do not need to explain. Basically, there is PAS and there is DAP. About corruption, BN mostly say that DAP is corrupt, some abuse that property and that. PKR also abuse that and that, and also PAS has lost their ideologies by siding with DAP. Oh yeah, have I told you about DAP’s flag issue before? Its a great story, that can be viewed in may ways.

Basically two days before the naming day (very convenient right?), the Society Registrar said that they did not acknowledge DAP’s previous internal election, which elect their top leaders, because there have been many report of unsatisfactory in the election process. This is important because for a particular candidate to use the party’s flag, they need a signed letter from their top leader. If the Society Registrar did not acknowledge the internal election, basically the top leader’s is not authorized to give permission for the candidate to use the party’s flag, forcing DAP candidate to compete as independent candidate. So PKR and PAS said that they will be more than happy to sign the letter for DAP to use their flag. The amazing thing is the conclusion, if the issue cannot be resolved, DAP will use PAS flag in peninsular malaysia and PKR flag in sabah and sarawak. The thing is, why PAS flag? Not PKR? The less-islamic malay party? The PAS leaders, spiritual and official, basically said that they would be more than happy to sign the letters, there is no problem.

This basically nullify the perception that PAS hate DAP and vice versa. Or is it? I’m not sure myself. The thing that really surprise me is that PAS leader said that there would be no problem. Anyway, if we look it at PAS perspective, DAP voter will have to “cross” on PAS logo, which basically acknowledge PAS. In another sense, uninformed malay voter will vote for DAP although they thought that they are voting for PAS. In DAP point of view, this will raise their reputation significantly among Muslim. Or in other way around, Muslim will vote for them although they do not really like them. On the BN side, this is overall, a mess for them. Their biggest weapon is the separation between DAP and PAS, Christian and Muslim, Chinese and Malay. On another way, this also means that they can say that “If you vote for DAP you are voting for PAS, and allowing Shariah law in Malaysia”. Well, in a way they are choosing PAS logo. I would understand DAP’s decision for this. Chinese are not stupid and they need Malay support. And it seems that MCA is really weak compared to DAP. Chinese probably had already choose PR, probably due to racial separation in Malaysia in various way, notably in education. Anyway, the logo issue has been resolved. SPR(Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya-the election committee) said that there is no problem. Society Registrar will not affect the logo, so DAP will use their own logo. No conflict over here other than what just happened.

There are many other BN propaganda that shows how bad PR is. Some of those are so stupid that in a sense its as if trying to tell people to not vote BN. So, there is a sentiment that all those evil stuff that BN says are actually said by PR’s people. Which frankly is not really surprising. Given that PR supporter tend to be more extreme, because they only see the unjust that happen to them. There are may things in what PR’s people say that I do not agree. For example, they tend to say that for 50 years BN has been oppressing the people. I totally do not agree with this. BN is the party who ask for independence and every development so far is under them. Not to say that it cannot get better, but it really is better than neighboring country like Indonesia (Maybe) and Myanmar. So to say that they do everything wrong is not correct. Have I told you before that 40 year ago, Malay muslim girls go to school wearing skirt? Yes that is after independence where the system is still largely derived from British. Nowaday, girls wear baju kurang and Hijab. Also notice that 40 years ago, Malay own about 2.5%-6% of the economy. Due to various policy that BN made (the racial discrimination/separation policy) now malay have about 19% to 30% percent of the economy. Still low compared to Chinese, but much better than before. I do agree with PR’s policy that basically want to exterminate this racial separation and change it into wealth-teared approach, which basically means, the poor get more help instead of Malay get more help. If you think that PAS would say no to this, you would be wrong. Islam does not encourage racial sentiment. Its just that in Malaysia, generally Malay are Muslim. In fact, its not really far from the truth when I say that Chinese Muslim are idolized here. Basically every malay respect non-Malay muslim. Here non malay muslim is more common for Indian than for Chinese. That is why Indian muslim are not really respected as Chinese muslim. I myself have encounter many trouble differentiating between an Indian muslim and a Malay because they both look alike. So Indian muslim here are like… most Malay. That is not really surprising at all, as India hold the largest population of Muslim minority. Muslim in India are like Indian in Malaysia. So Indian tend to convert to Islam. By the way, Indian are officially a minority group here in Malaysia, although you can basically see them everywhere.

Anyway, BN did do something right. The problem of this… oppression probably started at the time of Mahathir Mohamed. Many people know him as a very prominent individual in the world probably because of the economic crisis where he play a crucial role. He is also among the most vocal person against Israel, and also had contributed quite a lot in Malaysia’s economy and also in Islamic world. In fact IIUM is suggested by him and funded by OIC. So basically the Malaysia’s most rapid economic growth was under his government. The Opposition said that Anwar Ibrahim was the Finance Minister at that time. Well, that is in some way true. On half of Mahathir’s rule (which is relatively long), Anwar Ibrahim was the finance minister. But the rapid growth start about 5 year before him, at Mahathir’s second term which at that time, Anwar was the education minister. In some way, Anwar did a good job as the economic performance during his time is consistently good. In fact, right the on the year Anwar was sacked, Malaysia’s GDP dropped for a while. Maybe Mahathir do something wrong or Anwar really did do some heavy corruption or simply because of global economic crisis. The thing is about Mahathir is, well , he is a tirant. Well, in some way he is. Not many people dare to fight him because at that time as there is ISA (Internal Security Act) which basically mean he could put anyone he deemed dangerous to jail without proper trial. ISA is no longer active now at the time of Najib. It has been replaced by two other act. Anyway, after Operasi Lalang in which basically there is a demonstration from the Chinese community regarding vernacular Chinese school, and in response, Mahathir used ISA to capture about 106 individual including both Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh who was and still very important DAP leader. If you think that only Chinese were arrested, you would be wrong. Even some UMNO member were arrested. PAS members too. Anwar Ibrahim (who is the education minister at that time) are among the demonstrator who is not arrested. So if you think that only Chinese were demonstrating, you would be wrong. Anyway, the operation also cause a prominent english newspaper, The Star to be closed for a few month. After that, the top leadership of The Star has been replaced by UMNO and you can see the result until now. From that on also, most of the mainstream media is under the government control. So the Chinese and anyone who oppose the government were silenced. So you can say that Mahathir is Malaysia’s Ghadafi. Both has their own strong supporter, but there are report that they both abuse their power to silence people and both say they they are against Israel in a very vocal way which in some way make us think that they only say that to gain support. In fact if I’m not mistaken, Mahathir was on Ghadafi’s side when Ghadafi was opposed.

Anyway, now that Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh is back, BN is in deep trouble. Even so, I would say that it is still possible that BN will win. They still have television. So basically most housewives are on BN side. Among the most used propaganda other than the one I said before is that Anwar Ibrahim’s sexual habit of sodomizing people. Notably Saiful Bukhari. Poor guy, true of false, people curse him and he is being used. After Anwar Ibrahim had been released out of the prison, he has another case of sodomy. This time with Saiful Bukhari. At the end, the court said that there is not enough evidence to say that Anwar Ibrahim is guilty. Anyway, several month after the court decision, he is back with his sumpah laknat. And now he show people a video that he swear in front of the kaabah. Of course, PR people will not believe that, but it does effect the public. The thing about Anwar ibrahim is, he has been accused of so many thing that people just don’t trust when the news said that he do this and that. This article demonstrate it quite nicely. There have been many sexual videos of Anwar Ibrahim coming out these day. And even recently a sex video of a PAS leader. My question is, why do they capture the video in the first place? My second question is, why is PKR member Saifuddin Nasution Ismail is the first person who said that the video exist by saying that he has been approached by an UMNO-BN agent who show him the video? So basically the opponent just come to your house and tell you what they will do soon? Very strange. I have to agree with some people who say that these videos benefit PR more than they benefit BN. In some way, it is likely that PR themselves make this video. Although the one who keeps on saying these stuff is the main media who is controlled by you-know-who.

So basically these are the situation in Malaysia. BN is corrupt, we all know that. The question is, is PR corrupt too? If so we are in deep trouble. The people basically has no choice but to choose PR. But if they do choose PR, what will happen? Their manifesto is somewhat unrealistic, they are fighting with each other, although I’m sure there is a lot more fighting in BN. And also the racial tension that is fueling BN right now. Lets face the fact, DAP will not win without the Malay support, PKR need PAS to be strong and need DAP to be win. PAS on the other hand will not likely to implement hudud anytime soon, given that DAP is there and PKR do not want to do so. The most worrying thing for me is PAS has some extreme candidate, notably of Syiah teaching. The son of Mahathir said that some PAS candidate in kedah is a Syiah. PAS said that what does it have to do with politics, which basically means that PAS do not denies it. I’m not so surprise to know this. PAS although they say that they are Islamic party, they do not really study or focus on Islam. They mostly have the nationalism spirit of Islam, or anything that say they are Muslim. So these people who has very high nationalism are more likely to join teaching such as Syiah and al-Arqam. The thing about Syiah is, they have 12 imam. Syiah think that Sunni are kafir because we have no 12 imam, while Sunni think that Syiah is syirik because they have 12 imam and focus on them too much. The clash between Sunni and Syiah will be very devastating and are much more dangerous that a clash with Christian. That is why, it is not wise for Syiah to be here in Malaysia, we will be like Iraq if Syiah spread here.

Anyway, before I end this, let me quote a quran verse,

 You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah ; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

Surah Al-Ma’idah verse 82.

For Muslim, don’t think of the Christian as your enemy, as they do not fight you. And remember that among the responsibility of a Muslim is to preach Islam to non believer. How can you say that the Christian hate the Muslim when at the same time, the Muslim that they see do not even pray five time a day?

For Non-Muslim, first of all, I would like to clear this up, there is no way for a Muslim to be guaranteed heaven when he kill someone. Not even if he kill the biggest tyrant in the world. The guaranteed heaven is when he get killed while fighting for a just cause or protecting his right. If anyway you encountered a quranic verse saying that Muslim should kill the unbeliever whenever we see them, I dare you to find and read the whole verse. Please don’t just judge people before you do your research. Not all Muslim practice Islam like not all Christian practice Christianity. And so I cannot say that everyone who claim they are Muslim to be a good guy. A good indicator is that a real Muslim must pray at least five time a day. That is basically the basic of a muslim.


Islamic Movement and Dakwah in Malaysia

This is actually my assignment for halaqah 2 in IIUM. I try to be unbiased, but at the end it will still be influenced by my opinion. You can comment below but please be… at least try to be… civilized. 

Assalamualaikum. The term “islamic movement” has a broad meaning. If we just google term “islamic movement” of course, we will most likely to encounter article about terrorism. Such situation is quite sad as the reason why most islamic country are weak right now are because they have been colonized by the west countries and after the world war 2 most country gain independance but the islamic institution has been lost. Most of the newer government is a more secular government or even dictatorship. Whether this new form of government is good or bad, that depends on people views. Regardless, one thing remain true, the Muslim has so far did not achieve the same state as we were at The Golden Muslim age.
In according to that, some peoples has form groups that aims to relive the age Khalifah. Most of them are politically based, having their objective is to first, change the government and implement the Syariah law. But whether these people are right in their way or have they gone astray remains to be debated. Because of that, for the purpose of this discussion, we will try focus on the Islamic Movement that focuses on dakwah and we make a special focus in Malaysia as the writer of this article is a Malaysian. To put the situation into perspective, years ago, during my mother’s childhood (which is about 1960) malay girls went to school wearing skirt. Nowaday, female student wear “baju kurung”, with hijab, and even most Chinese wear baju kurung (but no hijab).
The term “dakwah” is an arabic term that refer to missionary activity. The term also refer to the act of renewing commitment to Islam. In Malaysia, the rise of Islamic movement were inspired by several event such as global Islamic movement and also the racial riot at 13 march 1969. At that time, even though the majority and also the original ethnic of Malaysia is Malay (and also the indigenous like Kadazan and etc), Malay own only about 2.7% (some say 6%) of the country’s wealth. Nowaday, the malay have control of about 18% to 30% of the economy. The difference in economic causes tension between the Malay and the Chinese. The tension was escalated even more when the Chinese majority Singapore separate itself from Malaysia at the year 1968.
The racial riot was started when the Chinese majority party the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) won the election and they were having celebratory march. The tension break when they divert from their original route to a Malay populated village, causing massive fight between two party. A reported 168 live was lost, although foreign media said that the casualty amount to 2 thousands lives. From that moment on, many changes to the government and society were made that aim to improve live of Malay and indirectly Islam in order to balance the Chinese-Malay economy. Among the most popular society that was created from the incidence is ABIM.
ABIM is Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia or in english, Malaysian Muslim Youth Pact. ABIM was formed at University Kebangsaan Malaysia by a group of student in order to take care of the welfare of the Muslims. ABIM is officially a non-political society that take neutral stance in politic. Allthough neutral, ABIM is considerably vocal towards the government policy under the leadership of it’s first and second president, Ustaz Razali Nawawi dan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This contribute highly to its popularity. In 1982, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim joined UMNO (United Malaya National Organization), the ruling political party back from independence until now. That move was highly criticized as ABIM is a non-political party. At the very same year a new president was appointed, and ABIM take a less vocal attitude and focus more on solving issues. From then on, ABIM popularity had decreases.
Another society, PERKIM has a similar objective. PERKIM was founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister. PERKIM means, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia, or in english, Malaysian islamic welfare organization. PERKIM is among the most prominent islamic society in Malaysia today. Although PERKIM’s aim is to provide welfare to all muslim in Malaysia, it’s main focus is probably towards new muslim. PERKIM has been known to provide support for new muslim in terms of education, moral and physical. This focus on new muslim can be seen on it’s main website which feature Chinese text. PERKIM is a non government organization, but it is generally funded by the government through government official including the prime minister himself. Even so, PERKIM has been known to be politically neutral or passive. The government had also funded YADIM, Yayasan Dakwah Islam Malaysia or Malaysian Islamic Dakwah Society that officially focuses on Dakwah towards the non muslim. YADIM is actually an organization that aims to unite different dakwah activity around the country.
In 1990, PAS won the state election in Kelantan which was previously held by UMNO. PAS, Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party was founded before the independence and even take part in it. Allthough the majority of PAS member is Malay, the official member requirement of PAS is the person must be a Muslim. The winning of PAS in Kelantan mark give a new hope for muslim to form an Islamic State. PAS is known to be among the party (or the only party) that demand full sharia law to be implemented . PAS is also the first party to put an ulama’ as the State Chief Minister. Although PAS has rule over Kelantan for more than two decade now, the result is still questionable. Kelantan is currently reported to have the highest unemployment rate in Malaysia, although they could argue that most graduate from Kelantan involve in business therefore not officially employed. Kelantan people has also been criticized as among those who has little manner and more extreme in comparison to other people. Such sentiment is visualized by a local movie “Aku Anak Kelantan” which tell a story about a Kelantan youth migrate to Kuala Lumpur and become a gangster. PAS members are also known to be somewhat extreme in their view of other political party’s member partcularly UMNO members. The Opposition said that most of the sentiment and report were fabricated by the Government media. They Opposition also mention that they cannot fully implement Islamic law, as state government only hold little power and the central government abuse the law to reduce the power of Kelantan state government in various way, such as the oil royalty issue. Among other critical comment on PAS is some member of PAS have connection with Shia, Al-Arqam and also Pluralism. On the plus side, Kelantan is known to be the base and funding of multiple Madrasah and Pondok. Since the rule of PAS in Kelantan many liquer store and movie theater has been said to be closed.
The racial raid of 1969 also cause several educational reform that is biased toward Malay. Some of it indirectly benefit the Muslim community such as the building of the IIUM, International Islamic University Malaysia and also USIM, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia ( Malaysian Islamic Science University ). Some people argue that the building of these University and also many other islamic program are just to gain the support of the people. The racial raid of 1969 also cause the government to issue a law in which every public university in Malaysia must have a certain ratio of malay. Regardless of the reason politically motivated or not, the formation of islamic public university and also the public university quota law has indeed improve the live of malay and open up discussion about Islam. Due to that islamic education has flourished and the people are starting to recognize the different between Malay culture and Islam.
Around the year 1980, the industrial sector of Malaysian was developing at a rapid pace and therefore demand more worker. Because of that, many Malay migrate to the city. Unfortunately, Islamic institution on the urban area was very scarce and that cause problem to pray and do other ceremony. To compensate for that, some muslim form groups that aim to help each other spiritually with activities such as halaqah and the occational talk. Among those notable groups are Al-Arqam and Jamaah Tabligh. Al-Arqam is a non-political group that aim to relive the live of the four Khalifah but now declared a deviated teching. Al-Arqam started as a group of Malay who gather money from themselve, then they buy lands, live there, plant vegetables and aim to provide environment close the the day of Khalifah. They were declared as deviated at the time of Mahathir Mohamed. Their leader were jailed under ISA (Internal Security Act) but released when ISA was disbanded. Because of that, nowaday we see the rise of Al-Arqam teaching. Among the teaching of Al-Arqam are, they belive Ali was suppose to be the successor of Muhammad SAW ( but they differ from Shia because they have no 12 imam ), claim their leader get spiritiual enlightenment from Imam Mahdi, and Imam Mahdi will come to Malaysia at the year 2011 from Mekah to make an Islamic state. Clearly Imam Mahdi have not arrived yet, and I doubt Malaysia is his destination.
Jamaah Tabligh on the other hand is a global Islamic dakwah movement. Its is probably the most widespread islamic movement in the world although the actual number cannot be verified due to the very informal nature of the movement. Jamaah tabligh was founded at 1926 in india by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi. It has its own practice that in a sense it is another sect of Islam. Jamaah Tabligh is a non political party and has always been so. They believe that in order to change the community / government we first need to change the individual. Member of Jamaah Tabligh will “go out” to various mosque to practice dakwah. There, they basically read hadith, remind each other of the sunnah and go around the mosque to ask people to come to the mosque for a talk in which they basically talk about iman. Jamaah Tabligh tend to go out for 3 week, 7 day, 40 day or 4 month. They fund themselves and have no registration or membership fees or any formal ties. Jamaah tabligh only preach to muslim. They do not preach to non muslim. Some people even claim that Jamaah Tabligh is against preaching to non-muslim. Various organization had accuse Jamaah Tabligh to fabricate hadith and their practice is wrong. Some criticize them up to extend in which they say Jamaah Tabligh is deviated. These criticizing people are most probably from a political party, as Jamaah Tabligh do not support any political agenda.
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Article Personal

Why I apply for this scholarship.

This is one of those essay where I write and suddenly I just spew everything out from my finger. Be careful, this articles maybe too frank.
Details of extra-curricular activities. And reason for applying.
Assalamulaikum, and hello. My name is Muhd Amirul Ashraf and this is my testimonial on my co-curriculum activities and also reason for applying for The Star Education Fund.
My primary school is SK Sungai Binjai. Needless to say, many of my activities there, is quite irrelevant right now. In my secondary school which is SK Meru, I do hold several position. Unfortunately I cannot say that that many of my position bring any meaning. Being a normal school instead of cluster or boarding school or MARA, many of the club there are simply just for “name”. Since I join the club in CFS IIUM I learn that the structure of (some) clubs in SMK Meru are simply wrong. In SMK Meru, most of the club advisor tend to just “veto” who get the position. Due to my academic standing which is quite good, teacher do tend to pick me especially since I’m quite active in volunteering on activities like the annual camping or cleaning up the mosque and also once become the access room prefect and later on my form 5 an actual prefect.
In form four, I was CEO of the young entrepreneur club. The young entrepreneur club is a little bit different that other club because it has a subclub called “Permata”. I was the CEO of that club. Under the program of “Permata” or “PUM”, a group of 25 student of each school (preferably form 4) will make a company, and do business. I won’t lie. My company went horribly wrong. That is why you don’t see the certificate of it. Because I do not want to put it in there. I could blame it on the Principal for being biased toward the Koperasi and Canteen, or the advisor for not allowing us to actually hold the money as the requirement of the program, making a real company. Or I could blame the economic downturn that year. But at the end it seems that it is actually my fault for not doing much to help it. The CEO next to me have the same problem (the implementation of program) and so do the CEO after him.
Also in my form four, I was the Director of the Theater team. That went quite well, as you could see on one of my certificate, my team won the Klang Theater competition in 2009. So the directing went well, everyone gave input, and I actually do something. Although the state competition was canceled do to H1N1 plaque, because it was the school’s first theater team, the accomplishment is quite appreciated. On the next year, we only get the third place in Klang’s Theater competition. The first place is won by Semetis, a new contender, which I agree they should win. The second place is won by Dato’ Hamzah, which I totally do not agree. Many competition, that I enter seems to have this strange attribute of “something is really wrong with the judge”.
Aside from that, I had also participated in numerous competition, like the Media Competition, Public Speaking, Chemistry Experiment, Biology Quiz, Forum and stuff like that. Notably the Physic Quiz, in which I received a national silver certificate which mean secondary level. Other than that, I cannot say I have any higher level certificate.
In CFS IIUM (Center for Foundation Studies IIUM), I mostly join a club called PEERS. PEERS is basically the club under the Counseling Unit, or in secondary school term, “pembimbing rakan sebaya”. There I volunteered and join many activities, like Mahabbah Visit to School to MATIQ, the syawal gathering, Counceling week, and others which I cannot recall. I did not accept any position as I fear things would get horribly wrong as in my secondary school. Other that that, I also volunteered on the IPTIM(Institut Pengajian Tinggi Islam Malaysia) Sport Festival 2012 as a committee of the Liason and Welfare biro.
Since I was young, computers has been very interesting for me. My secondary school is not really cooperating in allowing me to enter the IT class. And so, you see that I do not take ICT on my SPM. They say that I am too clever, “why would you want to be a programmer when you can be a doctor?”. So, when I get B+ in biology in SPM, I’m quite happy. Regardless of what people say, I started to learn programming on my own when I was form 3. At first I learn JAVA, and from there I’ve learn a lot as you can see in my resume. I’ve made several project of my own. None is really successful. I mean, if one of my project can generate some revenue, I won’t be applying for this scholarship right? Anyway, a project that I would like to point out here is the Automatic IIUM School Formatter. For me, that is my only project which people actually use. You can see it at At the start of a semester, I can say that at least 20-60 people use it. Not much, but these are people which is not in my social circle. Not to mention that it has only recently been ported for Main Campus user instead of CFS user. So, for me this project is noteworthy.
The reason I am applying for this scholarship is to get financial aid for my study. I did point out in my resume that I try to work as a freelancer. But frankly I am not good enough. And when I actually do have a client, I will have a hard time trying to manage my time. As an addition, because The Star Education Fund is actually funded by many corporate sector, a link for a starting career is really appreciated.

If only things were so simple.

Assalamualaikum semua, apa khabar. Saya rasa post ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai my midnight rambling 3 sebab sekarang ni pukul 1.30 pagi. Dan kali ini, saya tak rasa nak gunakan twitter untuk karang post ini, kerana perkara yang lebih kompleks perlukan ayat dengan lebih 140 huruf.

Tajuk post kali ini adalah “andainya perkara-perkara ini sungguh ringkas”. Sesungguhnya saya mempunyai minda yang sangat pandai melihat perkara-perkara negatif. Jadi minda saya suka melihat benda disebalik batu, mengapa dan kenapa sesuatu perkara berlaku. Kali ini, saya ingain menyentuh sedikit tentang isu hubungan kita dengan mereka-mereka di luar sana, contohnya di Palestin.

Jarang sekali saya bercakap tentang perkara sebegini, kerana bagi saya, isu ini agak sensitif dan saya sendiri tak tau perkara sebenar. Sebab itu bagi saya, lebih baik senyap aje daripada cakap benda yang tak betul. Tapi kali ini, mungkin sedikit saya akan menjejakkan kaki ke perkara-perkara sebegini kerana  dah termasuk dalam kepala, susah nak tido.

Sebelum kita menjenguk ke dunia luar, mari sebentar kita lihat rumah kita sendiri di Malaysia. Situasi dan politiks. Saya tak suka mereka yang hanya mendengar di sebelah pihak sahaja dan kemudian mengaku segalanya benar. Ada macam-macam perkara contohnya isu air. Kalau kita bukak berita kita dengar yang selangor akan hadapi krisi air, tak bagi bina loji, tak tunaikan air percuma. Tapi itu berita TV3 so, orang BN yang cakap. Apa pulak kata orang PR? “Lihatlah empangan ini! Penuh! Itu semua fitnah belaka!” (lebih kurang). Bila kita dengar cerita orang air pulak, masalah air di selangor ni kebanyakannya timbul di selatan selangor, disebabkan pembangunan yang terlebih pesat. Maka perlulah dibina loji baru dibawah. Kemudian orang BN cakap, orang PR tak bagi bina loji, orang PR cakap pulak, pembinaan loji itu penuh rasuah orang BN. Persoalannya, mana yang betul? If only things were so simple. Saya kurang faham kenapa isu ini tak boleh selesai. Masalah ini timbul sebab terlebih pembangunan, ada pembangunan, lihatlah secara positif.

Intipatinya, jika kita dengar cakap orang BN, orang PR bodoh. Jika kita dengar cakap orang PR, orang BN jahat. Jika kita dengat dua-dua pihak, mereka berdua ibarat budak-budak bergaduh sapa nak main laptop. Sedihnya lagi, taktik politik mereka melayan orang ramai ibarat orang bodoh. “Orang BN makan rasuah!” Semua orang BN makan rasuah? Habis, takde orang PR makan rasuah? Jadi, jika kita lihat balik, ia tak semudah itu. Memang jelas orang BN menakluk media, tapi jika kita lihat surat khabar-surat khabar di masjid selepas solat jumaat, apa bezanya orang PR? Bezanya orang PR ada surat khabar, or BN ada tv. Cara penggunaan? Tak banyak beza pun. Sedihnya lagi, berita-berita ini banyak menceritakan keburukan pihak lain, bukannya mencari jalan penyelesaian. Tambahan lagi berita ini banyak fokus kepada benda-benda kecil, yang digunakan untuk kempen seluruh Malaysia. “PR tak tunaikan janji. Mana air kami?”, jika kita kaji pulak mereka ini segelintir, contohnya apartment yang pakai meter pukal. Buktinya tengoklah meter sendiri, kan ada ditolak bil. Mari kita bergerak ke contoh yang lain pulak, RM 200 untuk beli telefon pintar. Macam mana saya nak cakap ni. THAT CHEAP? REALLY? WE ARE THAT CHEAP?. Kerajaan dah buat diri mereka nampak bodoh. Kemudian PR pulak cakap gaji minimum RM 1100. Cubalah realistik sikit. Kamu sedang menyusahkan peniaga kecil. Macam mana diorang nak jadi peniaga besar? Saya harap mereka (kedua-dua pihak) dan orang ramai cuba fikir panjang-panjang dan dengar cakap saya, “things are not that simple”. Secara peribadinya, saya rasa mereka-mereka yang ada phd berpindah ke luar negara kerana mereka tak tahan dengan politik murahan seperti ini. Bayangkan, orang-orang politik ini, yang menyebarkan berita-berita seperti ini, akan mentadbir negara.

Moral of the story, kita kena lihat sesuatu berita itu dari semua pihak. Kalau kita dengar dari satu pihak aje memang dah sah bias. Untuk kita menyetahui perkara yang sebenar, kita perlu melihat dari semua sumber, termasuklah dari pihak lawan sekalipun. Dan walaupun dengan itu, belum pasti, memang benar perkara tersebut. Mari kita lihat isu di luar negara, Palestin, Syria, Iran dan kita sendiri.

Perkara ini memang diketahui ramai. Palestin ditindas. Itu benda yang kita tau. Kemudian, pemberontakan di Syria. Bantuan Iran ke Palestin, dan bantuan Iran ke Syria. Kita di sini tak boleh buat apa-apa. Persoalannya, yang mana satu benar dan perkara yang wajar? Pemberontakan di Syria, adakah  ia benar? Benar memang berlaku. Adakah ia wajar? Berdasarkan media dunia, Ya. Berdasarkan media Syria, Tak. Berdasarkan pelajar asing berbangsa Syria di Malaysia yang menyebarkan ceramah, Ya. Mereka kata benar, mereka ditindas di Syria sejak dulu lagi. Benda yang menjadi komplikasi adalah, Iran dikatakan membantu kerajaan Syria memerangi pemberontak. Perkara ini adalah kerana Syria dan Iran dan juga Hisbullah adalah sekutu dalam memerangi Israel. Kalau Syria jatuh, susah Iran nak seludup macam-macam. Persoalannya, adakah elok palestin dibantu oleh mereka yang membenarkan penindasan orang Syria ini. Sedangkan orang lain yang kita anggap “lebih baik” seperti turki dan mesir tidak memberikan bantuan yang jelas kepada Palestin?

Jika kita teliti lagi ianya adalah perkelahian antara golongan Sunni dan Shiah. Yang mana Iran, Syria dan Hisbullah adalah Shiah, dan kebanyakan mereka yang lain adalah Sunni. Yang mana satu adalah betul? Ceramah-ceramah di Malaysia banyak mengatakan tentang bahaya Syiah, bagaimana mereka menganggap orang Sunni ini lebih hina daripada anjing. Tetapi itu cerita orang Sunni. Memanglah tidak positif terhadap orang Syiah. Jika kita lihat pulah dari sumber Shiah, ada beberapa perkara yang penceramah itu cakap tidak benar terhadap orang Syiah. Contohnya, mereka boleh menggabungkan solat. Jika kita lihat sumber Syiah, (yang malangnya susah untuk dijumpai) orang syiah tidak menggabung solat, cuma ada waktu solat yang “overlap” dengan waktu solat lain. Jadi pada waktu tersebut, mereka solat kedua-dua solat. Ada juga perkara lain yang tidak benar diperkatakan seperti orang shiah sembah batu. Itu juga tidak benar, mereka kata, apabila mereka solat, mereka mahu sujud di bumi Allah. Maka, mereka sujud atas batu tersebut. Persoalannya, mengapa pula batu tempat Ali dipenggal lebih baik daripada batu yang lain? Dan kalau tak silap saya, itu memang benar bagi mereka, lebih baik buat begitu. Malangnya hanya itu hukum mereka yang saya dapat sahkan. Tentang mazhab fatimah serta perkara lain, saya tak pasti.

Ada juga pekelahian saya di internet dengan orang Syiah. Perkara ini berlaku di laman web tentang fakta menarik, di sini . Kamu masih lagi boleh lihat comment saya, yang mana aturannya sudah diterbalikan. Comment pertama saya yang berada di tempat terakhir. Jika kamu lihat, tajuknya adalah TEMPORARY MARRIAGE IN IRAN, tetapi secara asalnya (kalau tak silap saya) berbunyi “legal prostitution in Islam”. Yang mana menyebabkan saya untuk comment bahawa ini hanya diperaktikkan oleh orang shia dan diharamkan orang orang sunni (yakni kebanyakan orang islam). Kemungkinan besar disebabkan comment saya, tajuk article itu ditukar. Saya secara peribadi tak tahu menahu apa-apa tentang hadis. Sebab itu saya hanya comment dua kali sahaja. Dan selepas itu ada sahaja comment dari kedua-dua pihak, shiah mahupun sunni. Yang mana shiah mengatakan bahawa perkara ini memang benar dan dilakukan di zaman Rasulullah SAW dahulu. Kemudian orang sunni pula mengatakan bahawa Rasulullah telah mengharamkan perkara tersebut selepas ia dibenarkan buat sementara waktu. Bacalah comment-comment ini kalau mahu, saya tak bertanggungjawab.

Persoalannya, yang mana satu betul. Saya bukan pakar hadith yang bertauliah dalam perkara ini, namun, jika kita tanya pakar hadith dari shiah, dia akan kata sunni salah, tetapi apabila kita tanya pakar hadith dari sunni, dia akan kata shiah sesat. Yang mana satu benar? Saya tak tahu. Orang shiah kata, orang sunni bencikan mereka dan mendiskriminasi dan menfitnah shiah sebagai ajaran sesat, manakala orang sunni kata orang shiah menyeksa orang sunni dan membuat undang-undang sendiri tanpa mengikut Quran dan sunnah. Sedihnya dua-dua itu benar, orang sunni memang mendiskriminasi orang shiah dan menfitnah dalam pelbagai perkara yang mereka lakukan dan orang shiah juga banyak menambah pelbagai hukum seperti menggunakan batu untuk sujud seperti yang mereka lakukan. Sebagai reference, Rasulullah SAW sujud atas lantai, yang mana batu atau tanah, bukan seketul batu yang dibawa kemana-mana. Mungkin ada juga dikalangan anda mengatakan tentang sambutan orang Syiah pada Hari Ashura/Karbalak, mengatakan bahawa mereka mencederakan diri sehingga berdarah. Di ada mengatakan bahawa tindakan itu sudah diharamkan oleh kerajaan Iran. Namun begitu, secara peribadi saya rasa agak aneh bagi mereka untuk mengambut hari tersebut dengan kesedihan sedangkan Rasulullah SAW menyambut hari Asyura dengan berpuasa atas tanda kesyukuran.

Susah untuk kita memutuskan tanggapan terhadap mereka. Mungkin pautan ini boleh membantu. Pautan ini mengandungi link terhadap ucapan Ahmed Deedat, sorang pendakwah yang agak popular berajaran sunni apabila beliau melawat Iran pada tahun 1982. Secara ringkasnya ucapan beliau banyak mengatakan perkara yang positif terhadap orang Iran yang mana berdasarkan ucapan tersebut, bersedia pada bila-bila masa sahaja untuk mempertahankan Islam. Hal itu kita dapat lihat di isu Palestin hari ini apabila Iran secara terang-terangan membantu Palestin dari segi persenjataan, tidak seperti negara-negara sunni lain. Namun begitu, kita lihat pula di Syria, yang mana wujudnya diktator yang dikatakan berpandangan Syiah, dan sekarang ini sedang melawan pemberontakan bersenjata akibat pemerasan ini. Mungkin ada dikalangan kamu yang mengatakan bahawa perkara ini fitnah semata-mata dan merupakan satu propaganda barat untuk menguatkan lagi Israel. Sedihnya saya dapat mengatakan bahawa ada lebih dari satu sumber yang meyakinkan, mengatakan bahawa rakyat Syria memang ditindas sejak dulu lagi. Jadi kita boleh kata yang pemberontakan ini memang satu pemberontakan yang sah. Dan mungkin kamu pula akan menjawab “kamu tak ada di situ, bagaimana kamu boleh mengatakan yang ia benar?”. Benar, saya tidak berada di situ, dan saya tak boleh buktikan bahawa penceramah-penceramah yang bercerita tentang isu Syria ini tidak menipu, namun begitu saya boleh mengatakan bahawa memang ada berita bahawa berpuluh ribu rakyat Syria terbunuh. Jika benar Assad bukan penindas, dia patut sudah letak jawatan.

Berbalik kembali kepada isu Iran dan Shiah ini. Orang Iran ini baik atau tidak? Mereka membantu Palestin, benar. Tetapi mereka juga mengadar dadah, benar juga. Jika kita teliti media massa kita, memang benar banyak menyeludupan dadah datang dari Iran. Dahulu Iran mengiakan pengedaran dadah atas alasan “bukan orang Islam yang menggunakannya”. Sedihnya kebanyakan yang menghisap dadah di Malaysia ini orang Melayu. Jadi kalau tak silap saya, lebih kurang pada tahun 2003 kerajaan Iran telah mengharamkan mengedaran dadah. Mungkin mereka akhirnya sudah berfikir secara rasional. Namun pada hari ini, masih banyak kes pengedaran dadah dari Iran. Jadi secara ringkasnya, mereka yang memberikan persenjataan kepada Palestin ini juga pernah menghalalkan mengedaran dadah serta menyokong penindasan orang Syria. Yang mana menyebabkan kita berfikir, “halal” tak roket itu.  Ada teori yang menyatakan bahawa Israel membunuh komander perang Hamas terlebih dahulu kerana beliau adalah orang yang mengelakkan tentera Palestin daripada me-“roket” Israel sesuka hati. Bunuh komander ni, tentera Palestin me-roket, Israel boleh kata “kami diserang dan terpaksa mempertahankan diri”. Benar atau tidak, saya tak tahu. Tetapi ia buat kita berfikir, patutkah roket itu dilepaskan? Saya tak kata tentang selepas Israel isytihar perang. Waktu itu, kalau tak tembak roket, bunuh diri namanya. Saya bercakap tentang waktu sebelum perang tersebut atau selepas perang. Kalau kita tak serang, palestin tak akan dapat tanah mereka kembali, tetapi kalau kita serang, Israel boleh menggunakan alasan “mempertahankan diri”, untuk menakluk lebih banyak jajahan.

Berfikir tentang jajahan, saya terfikir, mengapa mereka mahu buat rumah walaupun mereka tahu yang pada bila-bila masa, orang Palestin boleh serang. Israel bukan tempat yang sesuai untuk melabor. Anehnya lagi, banyak syarikat-syarikat besar merupakan penyokong kuat Israel. Dan dua yang saya katakan di sini adalah Intel dan Microsoft. Lihat link ini dan ia menyatakan bahawa Microsoft melancarkan sejenis system di Israel R&D Center. Tak ini bukan system senjata. Ianya adalah sejenis startup accelerator, satu benda yang membantu dalam system server. Soalnya kenapa mesti Israel tempat pertama? Kenapa tak di US. Dan kenapa ada R&D center di Israel? Tak takut kena roket ke? Nak buat system server sebelah Palestin yang mana, Internet itu sesuatu yang sangat jarang dijumpai. Perkara yang sama boleh dikatakan tentang Intel. Lihat link ini yang menyenaraikan senarai kilang processor Intel. Lihat senarai kilang tersebut, ada satu yang terletak di Israel. Kita lihat pula process node yang ia keluarkan bersaiz 22nm. Dalam erti kata lain sebarang laptop yang kamu beli yang ada cip Intel yang baru, dari (lebih kurang 5 bulan lepas) sehinggalah lebih kurang 2 tahun lagi asal cip pemprosesannya sama ada datang dari Oregon USA atau Kiryat Gat, Israel. Hampir kesemua processor-processor baru dari Intel menggunakan process node 22nm. Dan Intel mempunyai monopoli terhadap pasaran processor laptop dan desktop sebanyak hampir 90%. Dalam erti kata lain, jika kapasiti kilang di Israel ini sama seperti kilang di USA, lebih kurang 45% komputer baru di kedai-kedai di Malaysia mempunyai processor yang datangnya dari Israel. Dan kita sebenarnya tak banyak pilihan. Dari segi kelajuan memproses, processor Intel memang mempunyai kelebihan yang agak besar berbanding pesaingnya terdekatnya yakni AMD. Dan sedih saya katakan bahawa AMD mungkin tidak akan bertahan lama.

Benda-benda seperti inilah yang menyebabkan Israel kuat. Kamu bom Kiryat Gat, Israel, harga processor seluruh dunia naik. Kita sibuk berkata tantang Arab jual minyak kat US, US bagi kapal terbang kat Israel, sedangkan kita sendiri tak terfikir yang kita jugak bagi duit kat diorang, kat US. Banyak dikalangan kamu sibuk berkata tentang boikot McDonald. Saya di sini menjemput anda untuk melihat penguasaan US dalam perkara yang lebih besar, contohnya penggunaan matawang Dollar, system DNS, VISA(agaknye), UN, pembekal processor, pembekal system operasi. Kalau McDonald hilang, tak ada masalah. Kalau Microsoft hilang… well it could be a good thing but there will a catastrophe at first.

Bagi saya, kalaupun PAS menang Malaysia sepenuhnya, kita masih tak boleh serang Israel. Kita masih tak boleh bantu Syria sesuka hati. Kapal terbang habis minyak tengah jalan. Tak boleh mendarat pasal kena sekatan UN. Sebelum kita pergi serang, kita mesti kuasai balik perkara-perkara seperti ini. Kita mesti betulkan orang yang ambil hanya sebahagian daripada Islam dan lupakan bahagian yang lain. Mari saya bagi contoh Taliban. Di, ada menceritakan tentang polis taliban merotan seorang gadis 100 kali atas tuduhan zina kerana berjalan dengan bukan mahramnya. Soalnya, tidak ada 4 saksi yang nampak dia berzina. Dan hukuman menfitnah orang berzina tanpa 4 saksi adalah 60 sebatan. Tidak cukup syarat untuk merotan gadis, tapi cukup syarat untuk merotan penfitnah, tetapi siapa yang dirotan? Ini salah. Ini sangat salah. Ambik satu hukum dengan tak betul, kemudian lupakan hukum yang lain? Orang-orang sebeginilah yang memalukan orang Islam. Lupakan tentang syiah, yang ini kesilapan yang jelas.

If only things were so simple, we would just go to Palestin, and die trying to free them. But things are complicated. If people say that if Turkey declare war to Israel we will win, it is just not that simple. If people say that studying will not simply free Palestin. They are right, but it will if we try hard enough, we will eventually show Islam as a whole, show which is right which is wrong, and simply make way for others to just simply free Palestin. Assalamualaikum. Good bye.


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Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter V5

Assalamualaikum semua! Apa khabar?

Tanpa membuang masa lagi, dengan ini saya mengesahkan bahawa AIIUMSF versi 5 sudah online. V5 membawa Styler versi baru yang membawa beberapa perubahan yang memudahkan kerja-kerja me-style jadual. Jika anda pelajar IIUM yang baru tahu tentang kewujudan Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter dan tidak berminat tentang apa yang baru di V5, silalah terus ke main page Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter untuk manual pengguna/arahan/readme.

Disebabkan Styler digunakan oleh dua projek sekaligus, saya sekarang dengan rasminya menjadikan Styler sebagai projek-nya sendiri. Dan dalam versi styler ini, ada beberapa perubahan(dalaman) yang ketara berbanding sebelum ini. Kita mulakan dengan perkara yang paling tak ketara yakni, refactorization of Styler menghilangkan kebergantungan styler terhadap global variable sebanyak… banyak! Membolehkan lebih daripada satu Styler berfungsi pada waktu yang sama, walaupun saya tak tau projek apa yang akan buat macam tu. Perubahan tidak ketara kedua yakni layout didalam CSS sekarang ini adalah optional! Ya! Tiada lagi CSS yang panjang lebar sedangkan kebanyakannya hanyalah layout. Kebanyakan layout itu sudah dipindahkan kedalam javascript, yang menyebabkan javascript pula yang jadi panjang lebar. CSS masih lagi boleh mengandungi layout, dan layout itu akan diappend dengan layout yang sudah diberikan menerusi javascript.

Ketiga, perubahan yang masih lagi tidak ketara kepada kamu, yakni perubahan format layout styler yang sekarang ini menstandardkan kebanyakan description. Saya nak tunjuk bagaimana perbezaannya namun saya rasa itu tidak berguna kerana kamu tak faham pun apa itu layout styler. Senang cakap, kalau entah macam mana dapat hidayah nak try buat layout sendiri, kuranglah sakit kepala kamu berbanding layout yang lepas. Namun begitu, ia menyebabkan layout yang lepas takleh pakai. So kalau kamu ada buat layout sendiri, yang mana saya sangat sangat pasti tidak ada, layout kamu takleh pakai dah!

Keempat, akhirnya perubahan yang kamu boleh nampak, yakni colorpicker yang baru! Colorpicker mempunyai design yang lebih simple, namun ia ada support untuk transparency! Ya! Sekarang dengan styler, kamu boleh buat text transparent atau separuh transparent. Warning, CSS ini hanya berfungsi untuk…. kebanyakan browser kecuali IE8 dan kebawah, namun kemungkinan besar IE8 tak boleh start styler pun. So, jika kamu ialah peminat tegar IE, saya sangat recommend kamu update ke IE9, ia akan mengurangkan sakit kepala global dalam kalangan web designer dan pengguna IE sendiri.

Saya nak tunjukkan gambar Colorpicker yang baru tapi nanti bocor pulak perubahan yang kelima yakni COLOR PALETTE SYSTEM!!! Ya, tujuan sebenar saya buat colorpicker sendiri adalah untuk integrate system ini. Mari kita lihat screenshot pertama……

Tada! Color picker yang baru. So, macam color picker biasa, nampak color yang cantik, tekan. Dan slider kat bawah tu ada transparency. Tetapi benda yang baru adalah Color Palette System, di sebelah kanan color picker tu, ada senarai color yang kamu boleh tekan. Kalau kamu tekan gambar yang ada 4 warna kat atas tu, color picker tu akan jadi macam kat bawah ni.
So, color tu ada namanya, not a big deal right? Benar, saya hampir terlupa yang dia boleh buat macam ni tadi, kerana apa yang penting tentang Color Palette ialah kebolehannya untuk letak semua color palette kat satu tab macam kat bawah ni.

 Ya! Sekarang styler ada satu tab yang tak termasuk dalam layout yakni tab “Color”. Kat tab ini, kamu boleh ubah warna kepada palette tadi. Yang bagusnya, element yang pakai color palette tersebut juga akan diupdate. Contohnya kat atas tadi saya dah set table header punya background color untuk pakai color palette “Table Header”, so bila saya ubah color “Table Header” kat tab color menjadi magenta, element yang pakai color ini, akan update menjadi magenta! So dengan theme yang betul, kamu boleh set macam-macam color dengan hanya pakai tab ini.

 But wait, there’s more! Kat tab itu juga ada predefined color palatte! Macam palette theme. Click kat theme dan ia akan tukar color palette mengikut theme tersebut daripada ini:

Kepada ini:

Atau ini:

So, ya macam theme jugaklah, namun begitu buat masa ini, tiada cara untuk kamu submit color palette theme. Dan kalau nak tambah color palatte pun, contoh kalau kamu nak buat color “light background”, buat masa ni satu-satunya cara adalah untuk edit css secara manual dan edit comment yang bertulis “Color Palatte”.

Maka itulah sahaja benda yang baru untuk release ini. So have fun theming your schedule, Assalamualaikum and good bye.