The curse of being a man.

You see, there is an upside and downside of being a male or a female. For me as a male, the physical upside of being a male is not apparent ūüôĀ . And in fact in my case, can even be considered as a downside. But the curse we are talking today is about the¬†competitiveness of being a male/man/boy.

You see girls, a man will always see something in relative to something. Lets call this,¬†the “Theory of Man’s Relativity”.¬†To illustrate this let’s have an example of a man’s statement: “I am weaker in relative to some other man”. Or a better example is “I am more clever in relative to some other man”. My friends, this¬†indeed¬†is stressfull. Why is that? Well… let’s have another example.

Suppose a man thinks that he is weaker than another man. What will he do? He will exercise everyday, do his diet, buy some protein supplement and if he succeed in his quest, he will be stronger than that other man. But there is a catch… there will always be a stronger man. Due to that fact, he will always exercise, and in the end, he will never be happy.

Girls, you should be thankful. When a women think that she is good enough, she will be happy. But for a man, good enough mean, no one is better than him. At least no one in front of him. Which is impossible. And logically, there will be always be only one man who is the best, and the rest of them fall in a spiral of never ending better person.

And so, some evolved man make up some rules such as…”Of course I will always be weaker than him but I am smarter than him.”. And that’s what keep us alive. The fact that there will always be a ‘but’. This is due to the fact that no man is perfect in every way. And we as man are thankful for than fact alone. Because of that fact, we can be ‘semi’ happy, although we are still be in the never-ending spiral of ‘being better but not the best’ category.

A girl may say “That’s okey, why don’t you talk about it? It will make you feel better.”. Girls, this is Man 101, and we are learning the second topic which is the subtopic of the “Theory of Man’s Relativity”, A man NEVER talk about his personal life. Why is this so? Well, the “Theory of Man’s Relativity”, explain than a man will always look itself in relative to other man. This is due to the¬†competitiveness¬†of a man that is due to the single basic fact that “A man will always look at other man as opponent.”. Of course, It’s not really that serious… or is it?

Because a man will always look at other man as opponent, talking about personal life is like showing your weakness… to your enemy. Due to that, a man will most probably, in almost all case, with almost everyone, NEVER talk about his personal life. Especially if it involve some deep emotional feeling. Probably the only exception to this rule is when a man talk to a girl that he feel close to. So girls, when a boy is comfortable talking emotional personal stuff to you, there is a good chance that he like you.

Unfortunately, not all man have a girl close enough to talk to. Due to that, a man usually have more pent-up feeling inside, which become a burden in daily life. A curse¬†indeed. This causes stress,¬†unhappiness,¬†misbehavior and some¬†nonfunctional¬†brain component. Do not take this lightly, statistic shows that the number of man who committed suicide is four times higher than the number of women who committed suicide. This shows the magnitude of the stress a man keep in his heart. Or maybe because a man tend to do more¬†aggressive solution than women….

There is a cure for this curse. Something to distract the man from relating him from another man, and something a man can talk to in case he did demotivate himself. The cure, as you know it, is a girl. Hah! So girls, now you know man really do need women! I’m sure you (girls) feel a lot better when you read this article. Remember, “Behind every successful man, there is a women”.

In some way, this article can increase your(single man) stress. Be very careful, a man tend to break things when he is stressed. And yet, today you learn a bit about your own nature, and now you know exactly what you need. So go out there and find someone! And do not do anything stupid on the way!

ps: Single ladies out there. Would you be interested in me? ….. Haha! LOL! I’m just kidding!.. or am I?…..

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