YourAgregator 2nd TODO list.

YourAgregator 2nd TODO list.

  • Build a layout system
  • Add a blog (main blog not agregator blog)
  • Heavy design work on the main page.
  • Terms and Policy
  • Add a system where moderator can ask question to new member.
  • Feedback to moderator.
  • Documentation.
  • Ability to rearrange page order in menu.
  • Manage interface redesign.
  • Moderator can host media file.
  • Category
  • Add error status when cannot get rss.
  • Redesign top menu
  • Different color for post with different rating.
  • Ability to make agregator, public/private.
Uploaded change

  • Add max/min value to the Styler.
  • Add an about page.
  • Theme gallery
  • Refactor the media file.
  • Make use of Jinja2
  • New niceness system
  • Make use of hubsub protokol
  • Make a feed page.
  • Agregator page’s url modification. Help in googlebot scraping.]

Far Fetched Idea
  • Forum
  • Agregator’s blog
  • Plugin
  • Admin’s email
  • Analytic
  • Add custom domain support.

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