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ACM ICPC Singapore Regional 2015

Day 2

Staring at the future….

Its the day of the competition. We start our day with some breakfast. And… that is all the picture I have until after the contest. The contest was very hard. It seems to happen in a blink of an eye. The first two question were answered within the first hour. Then we got stuck.

Amjad again.. I have a lot of Amjad’s picture.

Anyway, after that, we had lunch. And after that, we got a little tour around the NUS campus.

Another view of the contest hall.
We don’t know why, but there were arduino boards on the ceiling everywhere.
This is their ACM-ICPC lab
This is their ACM-ICPC Lab
Its basically an office.
Chilling around, waiting for the bus.
“Hi, I’m Amjad”.
Somewhere in the campus. These are the brunei team. We got the same ambassador.
This machine have slots where people can charge phones.
This machine can lend some book.
This machine give our hot food.
This machine can give hot food.
This tunnel is built
This tunnel is built in a way that generate breeze
Is that.. Dragon Fruit Juice?

After some time, were back to the hall at Stephen Riady Centre where final standing and the answers for the question were explained.

Everyone is here yet?
By the way, K is represented with thousands of prime factor as K is very-very large. So how to calculate square root of K?
Give a round of applause to the problem setter.

They don’t actually tell us the solution for all questions. Only the really hard one. For the complete commentary of the problems, see this video on YouTube. After the question, came the price giving ceremony. The champions are team Opportunity from Korea University. You can see the final standing here.

Sorry for the bad picture. I don’t have an actually camera at that time.

After that we have some Dinner and went back to our accommodation.

“I agree with you… the food is nice”.

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