Compilation of YourAgregator TODO

Hi there! These are YourAgregator’s old and new TODO list.

  1. A middleware for agregator and member (for consistency).(on testing)
  2. A decorator for member only.(on testing)
  3. Move the commment template to javascript (reduce server workload and increase responsiveness). Did that, for 5% performance, it’s not worth it.
  4. Hash hack backup plan for ajax page.
  5. Add a favicon.ico.
  6. Ubah kedudukan perkataan ‘post’.
  7. Set default kepada recent.
  8. Use jQuery UI accordian in the submit page.
  9. Add suppost to submit just Post instead of RSS.
  10. Rasanya ada bug sikit. Cuba submit blog hzaid tak boleh. Kenape yek? (ada sikit bug, patut dah dibetulkan. ini disebabkan ada agregator lain yang ada rss yang sama link.
  11. When auto approve is on, when user join or submit, show the correct message.
  12. Fix the ‘at’ None problem. Done a fix but don’t know if it work.
  13. META tags.Did some.
  14. Unified menu for all pages and remove the back button.
  15. Make the rss reloader allow hyperlinks and .
  16. Make a decorator ‘mainpage-only’ the opposite of ‘indomaindecorator’
  17. A central page in the main webpage that list all available agregator.
  18. Database optimization using db.Models.values()
  19. Allow admin to make ‘pages’. 
  20. In manage-mamber, kat permission field, render elok sikit 🙂
  21. The feed table in manage-submission, make select all button and load only part of the data and make pages for the table and make sorting.
  22. On agregator, when no data and when search is not empty, prompt user that that is a search result.
  23. Major overhaul on the theming system.Improve template speed.
  24. Allow admin to make ‘pages’.
  25.  Chat support in agregator.
  26. Make an option to open a dialog when the user click join so user can send message to admin saying something.
  27. ROBOT.txt
  28. Somehow, view post only from some rss or someone.>make advance sort/limit
  29. In manage-submission, when delete rss feed, prompt to delete post too or handle the dereference of feed or agregator will crash.
  30. Make the reloadrss reload rss with the same url only once.
  31. Add max/min value to the Styler.
  32. Add an about page.
  33. Theme gallery
  34. Refactor the media file.
  35. Make use of Jinja2
  36. New niceness system
  37. Make use of hubsub protokol
  38. Make a feed page.
  39. Agregator page’s url modification. 
  40. Help in googlebot scraping.]
  41. Complete the ClientChannel api.
  42. Port Chatter to use ClientChannel
  43. Escape some variables in templates.
  44. In the manager, new way to rename agpages.
  45. Redesign top menu
  46. Ability to scrape post with certain tags only,
  47. More caching!
  48. Better user information (photo, inbox)
  49. Messaging sistem.
  50. Heavy design work on the main page.
  51. Build a layout system
  52. Add a blog (main blog not agregator blog)
  53. Heavy design work on the main page.
  54. Terms and Policy
  55. Add a system where moderator can ask question to new member.
  56. Feedback to moderator.
  57. Documentation.
  58. Ability to rearrange page order in menu.
  59. Manage interface redesign.
  60. Moderator can host media file.
  61. Category
  62. Add error status when cannot get rss.
  63. Different color for post with different rating.
  64. Ability to make agregator, public/private.
  65. Change the default style to conform with the new layout.
  66. Sidepane, pane.
  67. Mainpage style.
  68. Agpages that show online members.
  69. Agpages that show part of agregators.
  70. Notification based on ClientChannel that shows when someone is online or a blog has been updated.
  71. Messaging system between users.
  72. New styler with ability to describe layout of styler from css.
  73. Better ranking algorithm, member cannot just increase point by rating everything. There need to be a cooldown duration. And ablity only partially rank a post and ‘de-rank’ a post.
  74. More than one default style.
  75. Forum agpages.

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